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The Syndicate Clan

Ph34r The Syndicate or get pwned
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PostSubject: Stinger   Stinger EmptyWed 7 Feb 14:28

In game name: Stinger

*Real name: Daniel

Style/Stance: Single saber red/yellow styles

Age: 18

The name of the TS member who referred you: beeve

How long have you been playing JKA: about 2 years

Why do you want to join The Syndicate: to have fun and get to know more people

Do you have Xfire?: stinger626

List previous clans you have been in:JD So and OD

What is your location? (country, state, and primary language):USA North Carolina english

*What are your interests/hobbies:i study music and compose pieces

How active are you?: Extremely active try to get on for at least 30 mins every day

List any skills you could bring to The Syndicate ie skinning,mapping,modeling,or
modding: well i dont know how to do any of that

What do you think your weaknesses in duels are?: definately the timing of my attacks is my biggest problem

Will you pledge loyalty to The Syndicate only(no dual clanning)? yes i will be loyal i cant stand it when people multi clan

Will you pledge the majority of your time to The Syndicate's clanserver? indeed i will

Will you pledge to uphold our aye i definately will
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PostSubject: Re: Stinger   Stinger EmptyWed 7 Feb 14:47

Well, you seem to have a good resume(I dont know the alt for the ' on the m) so when we get set up come on in. We'll see what we can do about that timing issue you have. Welcome to the forums.

Stinger Tslogo2small
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