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The Syndicate Clan

Ph34r The Syndicate or get pwned
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Darky Empty
PostSubject: Darky   Darky EmptyWed 7 Feb 15:17

Subject: Official Application Form (Fill out before tryout) Mon 12 Dec 13:38


In game name: Strif3Hh / Darky

*Real name: Mark?

Style/Stance: Whatever i feel like

Age: 13

The name of the TS member who referred you: Beeve ftw!

How long have you been playing JKA: Since it started

Why do you want to join The Syndicate: Ehm Loads of friends in and good clan Smile

Do you have Xfire?: Yeah : hazey00

List previous clans you have been in:<DK> =ESS= {NJO}

What is your location? (country, state, and primary language):

*What are your interests/hobbies: Sports

How active are you?: Play wihen Klofty Playsl.

List any skills you could bring to The Syndicate ie skinning,mapping,modeling,or
modding: I know a great skinner who may be able to skin for me Smile

What do you think your weaknesses in duels are?: Getting bo0rd of the duel Neutral

Will you pledge loyalty to The Syndicate only(no dual clanning)? Yeah whatever that means Multi clanning yeah?

Will you pledge the majority of your time to The Syndicate's clanserver?
I only stay on clan servers (clan im in)

Will you pledge to uphold our
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PostSubject: Re: Darky   Darky EmptyWed 7 Feb 15:37

Your application looks completed for the most part except for the pledge. Its very important that you make your pledge to ->TS<-(i.e, reading the rules and pledging to follow them) and after that you should be done with your application. You can either A) edit your post or B) say: I pledge to the user agreement posted. The rules can be found here:

Darky Tslogo2small
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